Rosie’s Living Room

  • DateFebruary 12, 2015
  • AuthorDani



Inspired by the lovely prismaplanetsims I decided to do some pastel recolors (^^*) These are all standalone so they won’t replace anything in your game, and you can find everything easily by searching for “rosie” in buy/build mode. Only the top picture is edited. Below are pictures of everything with the names of the package files, so you can delete the items you don’t want as the download is one folder with all the objects.


dl1 dl2

dani-paradise_rosies-livingroom_smallpainting  //  dani-paradise_rosies-livingroom_esrapaintings


dl3 dl4



dl5 dl6

dani-paradise_rosies-livingroom_lightfloor  //  dani-paradise_rosies-livingroom_lightfloor2


dl7 dl8



Zipped folder  //  adf.ly:


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