Sugar Town Lip gloss + Lip Color

  • DateMay 14, 2015





There are two files, one is the Sugar Town Lip Gloss which only has one swatch cause it’s just a texture. It’s meant to be combined with the Sugar Town Lip Color, which you can find with face paint in Create-a-sim. The lip color doesn’t have an interesting texture, it’s colors only that are meant to be layered with a lipstick of your choosing. I tested it with the ones I have installed and it blended nicely with all of them.

  • Two packages – lip gloss (texture) and lip colors (in face paint)
  • Separated so you can layer the lip colors with other lipsticks (composition method + alpha channel is edited to make the colors blend with all lip textures)
  • Non-default
  • Custom thumbs

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Sugar Town Lip Gloss


Sugar Town Lip Colors (face paint)


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