Pink Spring House

  • DateJune 1, 2015




First floor interior (only partially decorated):




Included Custom Content:

dl9 dl11

dl10 dl12


  • Place on a 30×20 lot while in build mode (you can probably place it on a bigger lot, but in my experience a lot of the objects will be misplaced)
  • A few Outdoor Retreat items were used
  • The first floor is only partially decorated, I focused on the house itself and the garden to minimize custom content
  • Change it as much as you want, it’s meant to be a sort of house “shell” for people to decorate or redo
  • Included CC (bottom 4 pictures):
    • Counters, cabinets & kitchen islands
    • Solid wall colors, wall patterns and wall siding
    • Search for “Dani” or “Pink” in buy mode
    • Walls are found with wallpapers and sidings


If you want the interior to look the same, you also need:


  • How to install cc and houses (tray files): beep boop
  • Then you just open a 30×20 lot in build mode, open your gallery, check “include custom content” and the house should be there (^^*)


Pink Spring


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