Autumn in The Sims 4

  • DateJune 15, 2015






  • 340 override plant recolors (don’t worry, the download is only 6 files, 7 if you download the grass)
  • Most of the plants in the game will be replaced, but when you remove the files from Mods everything will go back to normal
  • Thank you faetale-sims for helping me find the textures and for keeping me sane <3
  • And thank you sim-plystefichopsul-sul-nooboo and prismaplanetsims for testing (Ɔ˘⌣˘)(˘⌣˘)
  • Made with Sims 4 Studio



My autumn grass includes recolors of kiwisims4’s default replacement grass and Granite Falls grass replacement, zerbu’s road texture grass and k-hippie’s terrain paints. Thank you all so much for letting me include the recolors!

If you already have a default grass installed, please move it out of Mods when you use my autumn version (you can of course use the autumn mod without any grass override or with the original textures linked above).



You will find a plant here and there that isn’t autumn-y (I know there’s a hedge and a rock with grass on it), but I’ve looked and looked for the last plants and I haven’t found them. When I do I’ll update the files (^^*)

This was made with Willow Creek in mind. Oasis Springs and Granite Falls look okay, but a bit strange (Granite Falls is a little dark for some of the textures and Oasis Springs gets very orange).

The trees and plants come in two version, one with all the plants I could find and one without the Granite Falls (Outdoor Retreat) plants. Only download one version. I didn’t make a version without Get To Work cause there were only like two plants.


  • So to sum up:
  • Download “Autumn grass” if you want it, and then ONE of the “Autumn Plants” versions
  • Unzip and place the package files in Mods like you do with all custom content


EDIT! Autumn in Windenburg is now available here. If you have both Get Together and Outdoor Retreat, and you want the default grass, you can now download full autumn in one merged file (option two).



Autumn Grass




Autumn Plants

(with Outdoor Retreat plants)



Autumn Plants

(without Outdoor Retreat plants)




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