Early Simblreen/Halloween Gifts

  • DateOctober 11, 2015




These were supposed to be part of my Halloween gift, but since they’re useless after October ends, I figured this was better timing ^^

3 objects:

  • Halloween shopping bag (has beige swatch too)
  • Kitten pumpkin
  • Pumpkin coffee mug (orange, green and beige swatches)

Also included:

  • Halloween-themed temporary tattoos for kids
    • In wrist accessories
    • Unisex, disabled for random

Find items in Buy Mode by searching for “Dani” or looking in the clutter category.

PS: the folded blankets will be in the next download for Simblreen.

PS2: The kitten mesh is at 11 300 polygons for LOD1 (Sims4Studio disagrees with my 3D app and says 11 700). It didn’t cause problems for me, but you probably shouldn’t place 57 of them on one lot. 


mega / adfly



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