Makeup & Genetics

  • DateJuly 23, 2015

Magnetic Eyes

  5 new eyecolors for The Sims 4 You’ll find them as the last five swatches of the eyecolors All ages and genders I couldn’t get them to work for aliens, …

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  • DateMay 14, 2015

Sugar Town Lip gloss + Lip Color

  ** PLEASE READ** There are two files, one is the Sugar Town Lip Gloss which only has one swatch cause it’s just a texture. It’s meant to be combined …

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  • DateApril 19, 2015

Mirror Eyes

Custom content eyes for The Sims 4 Non-default Hand drawn by yours truly Will (most likely, depending on your other custom content) be the bottom 18 swatches in eyes category …

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  • DateNovember 11, 2014

Luca Collection Part 3: Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow, three colors, Pictured here with S-Club’s lovely HS skintone. DOWNLOAD  

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  • DateNovember 10, 2014

Black Glitter + Thin Eyeliner

One black glitter eyeliner + a thin one in six different colors. Download: BLACK GLITTER EYELINER THIN EYELINER     

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