the sims 4 farm set, custom content - wheelbarrow, divider, prints, mezzanine, and more
  • DateApril 12, 2016

Benedict Farm Set

The Sims 4 Benedict Farm set – a set of furniture and decor items that I wanted for The Benedict’s farm. Custom content made with Sims4studio. All meshes are by me, …

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  • DateMarch 12, 2016

Stefi Set (4 objects)

A set of 4 objects for The Sims 4 Find them by searching for “Stefi” or “Dani” in buy mode They are high-poly meshes; they range from 14 000 to …

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  • DateNovember 1, 2015

Folded Blankets & Clutter

Two items: The folded blankets (has one more swatch in mustard and red-ish orange) The book with a purse and bird on it Both can be found in clutter category, …

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  • DateOctober 11, 2015

Early Simblreen/Halloween Gifts

  These were supposed to be part of my Halloween gift, but since they’re useless after October ends, I figured this was better timing ^^ 3 objects: Halloween shopping bag (has beige …

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  • DateJune 1, 2015

Pink Spring House

  First floor interior (only partially decorated):   Included Custom Content:       Place on a 30×20 lot while in build mode (you can probably place it on a …

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  • DateFebruary 12, 2015
  • AuthorDani

Rosie’s Living Room

  Inspired by the lovely prismaplanetsims I decided to do some pastel recolors (^^*) These are all standalone so they won’t replace anything in your game, and you can find everything …

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